American Soccer

Gregory G. Reck McFarland

This narrative of U.S. soccer's history and present-day status addresses the issues of socioeconomics. Emphasizing the differences between social classes in U.S. soccer past and present, as well as th

ISBN10 : 1476617562 , ISBN13 : 9781476617565

Page Number : 260

World Cup Companion

Steve Woods ShieldCrest

This book is a bible for all enthusiasts of Football. It gives the history of the World Cup, previous participants and winners and provides a prognosis for the 2010 event. Simply a MUST for all Englan

ISBN10 : 1907629025 , ISBN13 : 9781907629020

Page Number : 131

Soccer Empire

Laurent Dubois Univ of California Press

Traces the history of soccer in France, focusing on two of the biggest players, the lasting imperial legacies, and the sport's power to change the nation.

ISBN10 : 0520259289 , ISBN13 : 9780520259287

Page Number : 329

African Soccerscapes

Peter Alegi Ohio University Press

From Accra and Algiers to Zanzibar and Zululand, Africans have wrested control of soccer from the hands of Europeans, and through the rise of different playing styles, the rituals of spectatorship, an

ISBN10 : 0896804720 , ISBN13 : 9780896804722

Page Number : 179